In the class,
we've talking about what a patriot means.
I thought the essay gave a perfect definition for it.
However, i surprisely found that the idea that Viphavee had received
was over- extreme to some extend.
Our country can't never figured out what is the priority of things.
Everything are so messed up! And none of us can get out of this mess black hole.

Yesterday, i went a lecture by 倪堯文(i holp i spell in the right way.)
it's about the situation of refugees in North Korea.
Certainly, i hope i can get something from it.
But actually i question the film and the speaker for not acting and remaining neutral

It's certainly not a right way.
There is a thing that everyone must know is that
we can't judge a whole group just by only some individual cases.
However, no one can do that.
Viphavee hole that extreme idea of our country,
that citizen didn't pay attention to our politic situation
We, students, after watching that record film, pay a furious sympathy on those refugees
Come on!
It is not all that!

So i really admire that student
who ask the question about the general behavior to the government of North Korea

There are still some patriots love their country in this way.
It is not the matter between the democratic or the communisim
and it is not the matter between the blue authority and the green one.
It is just about the people.
How they react to the government and how they behave.
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  • sinfun7622
  • i don't know that you are so interested in this topic<br />
    although you mentioned that speech today, i still did not get it= =<br />
    i thought that you went to listen to it because you loved Korea very much and that was all<br />
    <br />
    after V's explanation, i felt very very sad as well<br />
    how come both of Taiwan and Thailand become like that?<br />
    (of course, i should take a responsibility for it too)<br />
    but just what i said today, it was too hard to feel happy to know sth about politics
  • sinfun7622
  • especially in Taiwan<br />
    don't you think so? yeah you do, i know<br />
    because you said it today(ha ha...)<br />
    <br />
    i am very serious in writing a response to your blog, right<br />
    (i am proud of it)